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Metal burning in graphite-moderated reactors

R.P. Wichner
National Security Program Office, Y-12 Plant
Oak Ridge TN 37831-8206

S.J. Ball, C.S. Daw, J.F. Thomas
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Knoxville TN 37932-6472

Evaluating the consequences of severe accidents in graphite-moderated nuclear reactors requires predicting the ignition of bulk metal components. Because of insufficient and inconsistent published information on metal ignition, we formulated a simple model to predict ignition and gas-phase burning as a function of local conditions. We incorporated our model into GRSAC, a general safety evaluation code for gas-cooled reactors. Model results compare relatively well with measured out-of-pile burning rates for magnesium-clad simulated fuel.

Wichner RP, Ball SJ, Daw CS, Thomas JF (1997). Metal burning in graphite-moderated reactors. Proceedings of the 1997 Technical Meeting of the Central States Section of the Combustion Institute (Point Clear, Alabama USA; 1997 April 27-29): 218-223.
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