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PC-based, near-real-time, 3-dimensional simulation of fluidized beds

J.S. Halow, E.J. Boyle
Federal Energy Technology Center
Morgantown WV 26507-0880

C.S. Daw
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Knoxville TN 37932-6472

C.E.A. Finney
University of Tennessee
Knoxville TN 37996-2210

We describe a PC-based computer model which simulates the 3-dimensional dynamic behavior of multiple interacting bubbles in bubbling and slugging fluidized beds. We show that this model can predict important performance-related features such as bubble diameter, slug length, bubble coalescence rate, and global circulation patterns. A useful characteristic of this model is that it can be used to simulate bed behavior in near-real time.

Halow JS, Boyle EJ, Daw CS, Finney CEA (1998). PC-based near-real-time 3-dimensional simulation of fluidized beds. Fluidization IX -- International Symposium of the Engineering Foundation (Durango, Colorado USA; 1998 May 17-22): 541-548.
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