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Time irreversibility and comparison of cyclic-variability models

J.B. Green, Jr., C.S. Daw, J.S. Armfield
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

C.E.A. Finney
University of Tennessee

R.M. Wagner, J.A. Drallmeier
University of Missouri-Rolla

M.B. Kennel
University of California, San Diego

P. Durbetaki
Georgia Institute of Technology

We describe a method for detecting and quantifying time irreversibility in experimental engine data. We apply this method to experimental heat-release measurements from four spark-ignited engines under leaning fueling conditions. We demonstrate that the observed behavior is inconsistent with a linear Gaussian random process and is more appropriately described as a noisy nonlinear dynamical process.

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Green JB Jr, Daw CS, Armfield JS, Finney CEA, Wagner RM, Drallmeier JA, Kennel MB, Durbetaki P (1998). Time irreversibility and comparison of cyclic-variability models. SAE Paper 1999-01-0221.
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