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Archival information about chaos

  1. Usenet sci.nonlinear FAQ maintained by J.D. Meiss (local copy) (link)
  2. chaosbib and chaosref database by Peter Beckmann at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (GERMANY) (link)
  3. Nonlinear Dynamics and Topological Time Series Analysis Archive by N.B. Tufillaro (USA) (link)
  4. Nonlinear Science e-Print Archive at Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) (link)

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Research groups and individuals in chaos & nonlinear dynamics

Researchers sorted by geographical location (link)

  1. Andrew M. Fraser at Department of Electrical Engineering, Portland State University (USA) (link)
  2. Applied Chaos Group at McDermott Technology Inc. (USA) (link)
  3. Applied Chaos Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) (link)
  4. Bristol Center for Applied Nonlinear Mathematics at University of Bristol (ENGLAND) (link)
  5. Applied Nonlinear Sciences, LLC of San Diego, California (USA) (link)
  6. Applied Nonlinear Systems, Mathematics Group at University of Kent (ENGLAND) (link)
  7. Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics and Non-linear Systems Research Group at University of Cambridge (ENGLAND) (link)
  8. Basic Research Institute in the Mathematical Sciences at Hewlett-Packard, Bristol (ENGLAND) (link) [Discontinued 2001 October]
  9. Blueberry Brain Institute and Chaos Cooperative (USA) (link)
  10. Center for Complex Systems at Florida Atlantic University (USA) (link)
  11. Center for Complex Systems Research at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) (link)
  12. Center for Dynamical Systems at Pennsylvania State University (USA) (link)
  13. Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Studies at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) (link)
  14. Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Nonlinear Dynamics at Potsdam University (GERMANY) (link)
  15. Center for Neurodynamics at University of Missouri, St. Louis (USA) (link)
  16. Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems at Duke University (USA) (link)
  17. Center for Nonlinear Dynamics at University of Texas, Austin (USA) (link)
  18. Center for Nonlinear Dynamics of Chemical and Biological Systems at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (CZECH REPUBLIC) (link)
  19. Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) (link)
  20. Centre for Chaos and Turbulence Studies at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (DENMARK) (link)
  21. Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications at University College, London (ENGLAND) (link)
  22. Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine at McGill University (CANADA) (link)
  23. Centre for Nonlinear Studies at University of Leeds (ENGLAND) (link)
  24. Chaos and Complexity at Cornell University (USA) (link)
  25. Chaos and Dynamical Systems Research Group at Department of Physics, Bogazici University (TURKEY) (link)
  26. Chaos and Systems Research Group at Institute for Experimental Physics, University of Vienna (AUSTRIA) (link)
  27. Chaos Applications Group at Engineering Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) (link)
  28. Chaos Center at Visual Math Institute (USA) (link)
  29. Chaos Group at Technical University of Denmark (DENMARK) (link)
  30. Chaos Group at University of Maryland, College Park (USA) (link)
  31. Chaosgruppe - Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Technical University of Munich (GERMANY) (link)
  32. Chaos Research Group at College of Engineering, University of Tennesssee, Knoxville (USA) (link)
  33. Chaos Research Group at Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Akron (USA) (link)
  34. Nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics Research Program at Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas (USA) (link)
  35. Centre for Applied Dynamics and Optimization at University of Western Australia (link)
  36. Combustion and Spray Dynamics Research by J.A. Drallmeier and R.M. Wagner at Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Missouri-Rolla (USA) (link)
  37. Combustion Chaos Group at University of Houston and University of Texas, San Antonio (USA) (link)
  38. Communications Research Laboratory at McMaster University (CANADA) (link)
  39. Complex Systems Group at Carl von Ossietzsky University, Oldenburg (GERMANY) (link)
  40. Complex Systems Laboratory at Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA) (link)
  41. Computational Physics Laboratory at Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (VENEZUELA) (link)
  42. Deborah V. Pence of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University (USA) (link) and (link)
  43. Department of Applied Mathematics at Rand Afrikaans University (SOUTH AFRICA) (link)
  44. Department of Engineering at Queen Mary and Westfied College (ENGLAND) (link)
  45. Department of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University (SCOTLAND) (link)
  46. Department of Physics of Complex Systems at Weizmann Institute of Science (ISRAEL) (link)
  47. Donald E. Beasley at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University (USA) (link)
  48. Dynamical Systems at Institute for Mathematical Sciences, State University of New York, Stony Brook (USA) (link)
  49. Dynamical Systems Group at Boston University (USA) (link)
  50. Dynamical Systems Group at School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary and Westfield College (ENGLAND) (link)
  51. Dynamical Systems Group at UMIST (ENGLAND) (link)
  52. Dynamical Systems Group at University of Wuppertal (GERMANY) (link)
  53. Epstein Research Group at Department of Chemistry, Brandeis University (USA) (link)
  54. Eugene R. Tracy at Physics Department, College of William and Mary (USA) (link)
  55. Fluid Mechanics Group at Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, Napier University (SCOTLAND) (link)
  56. Group for Non-linear Dynamics at Institutionen för kvantkemi, Uppsala Universitet (SWEDEN) (link)
  57. Group for Studies of Dynamical Structures in Chemistry at University of Copenhagen (DENMARK) (link)
  58. Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics at Georg-August-University, Göttingen (GERMANY) (link)
  59. Institute for Nonlinear Science at University of California, San Diego (USA) (link)
  60. Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at University of Cambridge (ENGLAND) (link)
  61. Jim McDonough at Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky (USA) (link)
  62. Jonckheere's Research Group at Department of Electrical Engineering-Systems, University of Southern California (USA) (link)
  63. Laboratory for Mixing Studies at Department of Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University (USA) (link)
  64. Laboratory of Control of Complex Systems at Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Academy of Sciences of Russia (RUSSIA) (link)
  65. Laboratory of Chaotic Systems Engineering at Hokkaido University (JAPAN) (link)
  66. Laboratory for Materials Processing, Mixing and Environmental Studies at Clemson University (USA) (link)
  67. Laboratory of Nonlinear Dynamics at Department of Physics, Saratov State University (RUSSIA) (link)
  68. Laboratory of Nonlinear Phenomena at Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo [Laboratório de Fenômenos Não-Lineares, Instituto de Física da Universidade de São Paulo] (BRAZIL) (link)
  69. Lancaster Nonlinear Group at University of Lancaster (ENGLAND) (link)
  70. Marc A. Murison, astronomer at Astronomical Applications Department, United States Naval Observatory (USA) (link)
  71. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (USA) (link)
  72. Masahiro Nakagawa Laboratory at Nagaoka University of Technology (JAPAN) (link)
  73. Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physcis, Heidelberg (GERMANY) (link)
  74. Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden (GERMANY) (link)
  75. Milan Palus at Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (CZECH REPUBLIC) (link)
  76. Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group at Loughborough University (ENGLAND) (link)
  77. Nonlinear and Complex Systems Laboratory at Pohang University of Science and Technology (KOREA) (link)
  78. Nonlinear Centre at University of Cambridge (ENGLAND) (link)
  79. Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics Group at Department of Chemistry, West Virginia University (USA) (link)
  80. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems at San Diego State University (USA) (link)
  81. Nonlinear Dynamics at Auburn University (USA) (link)
  82. Nonlinear Dynamics at Department of Physics, University of Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA) (link)
  83. Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University (USA) (link)
  84. Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Department of Physics, Heriot-Watt University (SCOTLAND) (link)
  85. Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Institute for Physics, University of Mainz (GERMANY) (link)
  86. Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Potsdam University (GERMANY) (link)
  87. Nonlinear Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Resonance at Ohio State University (USA) (link)
  88. Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory at Department of Physics, University of Miami (Florida) (USA) (link)
  89. Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group at Institute of Physics, University of Frankfurt (GERMANY) (link)
  90. Nonlinear Dynamics in Electronics and Physics Subgroup of Mathematics Research Group at University of Surrey (ENGLAND) (link)
  91. Nonlinear Modeling and Data Analysis Group at Institute for Pure and Applied Physical Sciences, University of California, San Diego (USA) (link)
  92. Nonlinear Physics Group at Institute for Applied Physics, Technical University of Darmstadt (GERMANY) (link)
  93. Non-Linear Physics Group at Material Physics Branch at Material Science and Components Technology Directorate, Naval Research Laboratory (USA) (link)
  94. Nonlinear Science and Statistical Physics at Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies, University of the Balearic Islands (SPAIN) (link)
  95. Nonlinear Systems Analysis Group at Leiden University (NETHERLANDS) (link)
  96. Nonlinear Systems and Chaos Research at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio University (USA) (link)
  97. Non Linear Systems Engineering at University College, Dublin (IRELAND) (link)
  98. Nonlinear Systems Group at Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) (link)
  99. Nuclear Solid-body Physics Group at Philipps University Marburg (GERMANY) (link)
  100. Pattern Formation and Nonlinear Dynamics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's (CANADA) (link)
  101. Pavel Pokorný of Department of Mathematics, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (CZECH REPUBLIC) (link)
  102. Quantum Chaos and Superconductivity Group at Northeastern University (USA) (link)
  103. Quantum Chaos Group at Institute for Nuclear Physics, Technical University of Darmstadt (GERMANY) (link)
  104. Quantum Chaos Group at University of Ulm (GERMANY) (link)
  105. Randle, Inc. of Great Falls, Virginia (USA) (link)
  106. Research group of Prof. Felipe Barbedo Rizzato at the Institute of Physics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sol (BRAZIL) (link)
  107. Research in theoretical physics/chaos at Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University (CANADA) (link)
  108. Rick Heller Group at Department of Physics, Harvard University (USA) (link)
  109. R. Morley Inc. of Milford, New Hampshire (USA) (link)
  110. Robert J. Butera, Jr. at Mathematical Research Branch, NIDDK, National Institutes of Health (USA) (link)
  111. R. Valéry Roy at Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware (USA) (link)
  112. Santa Cruz Institute of Nonlinear Science (USA) (link)
  113. Santa Fe Institute (USA) (link)
  114. Satish T.S. Bukkapatnam, Ph.D. student at Pennsylvania State University (USA) (link)
  115. Schuster-Radons Group at Department of Theoretical Physics, Christian Albrecht University, Kiel (GERMANY) (link)
  116. Signal Processing and Control Group at Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton (ENGLAND) (link)
  117. Signals and Systems Group at Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Edinburgh (SCOTLAND) (link)
  118. Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences (USA) (link)
  119. Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (USA) (link)
  120. Solid State and Chaos Group at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (HUNGARY) (link)
  121. Space Mechanics Group at Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa (ITALY) (link)
  122. Student Nonlinear Physics Research Group at Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University (POLAND) (link)
  123. System and Control Group at Electrical, Electronic and Systemistic Department, University of Catania (ITALY) (link)
  124. Time Series, Chaos and Applications Study Group, Royal Statistical Society (UK) (link)
  125. Turbulence, Nonlinear Dynamics and Colloidal Systems Group of Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics, Technical University of Eindhoven (NETHERLANDS) (link)
  126. University Chaos Group at University for Renewable Natural Resources, Vienna (AUSTRIA) (link)
  127. William E. Wiesel at Air Force Institute of Technology, Air University (USA) (link)
  128. Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at Kyoto University (JAPAN) (link)

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Journals and newsletters

  1. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (link)
  2. Nonlinear Science Today (link)
  3. UK Nonlinear News (link)
  4. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (MIT Press e-journal) (link)
  5. Regular & Chaotic Dynamics (link)
  6. Complexity and Chaos in Nursing (link)
  7. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (link)
  8. Complexity International (link)
  9. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (ISSN 1565-1339) (link)

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Conference announcement lists

  1. Dynamics Conferences noticeboard at SUNY, Stony Brook (link)
  2. Dynamics Calendar (Munich) (link)
  3. Netlib Conferences Database (link)

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Conference proceedings

  1. Nonlinear Techniques in Physiological Time Series Analysis Workshop (Dresden GERMANY, 1995 October) (link)
  2. Workshop on Non-linear Methods for Analysis of Biological Time Series (Rosendal NORWAY, 1996 September 6-8) (link)

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  1. Opamp Technical Books (book sellers) (link)
  2. Chaos, Complexity and Everything Else (list of links) by Lisa Landers (link)

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