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Personnel - who we are
University of Tennessee
Dr. Ke Nguyen
Dr. Duane D. Bruns
   Sandeep Rajput
Dr. C. Stuart Daw
Dr. Charles E.A. Finney
Dr. J. Roger Parsons
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. C. Stuart Daw
Dr. K. Dean Edwards
Dr. Charles E.A. Finney
Dr. Johney B. Green, Jr.
Dr. Lee M. Hively
Dr. Robert M. Wagner
Ned E. Clapp, Jr.
Dr. Matthew B. Kennel
  (Institute for Nonlinear Science)
Dean P. Skrzycke   (M.S., 1993-05)
Pitchaiah Chakka   (M.S., 1994-12)
M. Vasudevan   (M.S., 1995-08)
C.E.A. Finney   (M.S., 1995-08)
Michael Cheng   (M.S., 1996-12)
Nick A. van Goor   (Ph.D., 1998-12)
Sachin Sarnobat   (M.S., 2000-08)
Tiang Yong Teh   (M.S., 2000-08)
C.E.A. Finney   (Ph.D., 2000-08)
K. Dean Edwards   (Ph.D., 2000-12)
Jonathan R. Vincent   (M.S., 2000-12)

Research - what we "do"
Fluidization Bibliography of fluidization & chaos
Bubbling Bibliography of bubbling & chaos
Pulse combustion Bibliography of pulse combustion & chaos
Internal combustion engines Bibliography of ICE & chaos
Combustion Bibliography of combustion & chaos
Chaos control algorithms
Signal processing (CTSA) Bibliography of symbolic time-series analysis
Bibliography of time (ir)reversibility in dynamical systems

Publications - published writeups of our research
   Patents - U.S. patents held by some group members
   gzip - about gzip, GNU zip
   tar - about tar, tape archive
   PDF - about Portable Document Format

Chaos bibliographies - lists of references of chaos and specific subject areas

Research monographs - white papers on our research areas

Glossary - definitions of some terms which we use

Links to other related sites - neat Web sites around the world

"Chaos" quotations - for the literary minded

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