Lepidoptera of East Tennessee


Below is a list of the Lepidoptera species which I have photographed and have been identified. Most of the moths were found at our home in Knox County, TN. Many of the butterflies (which have not been added to this list yet) were found at other locations in Knox County or other locations in East Tennessee. Some species listed aren't from East Tennessee at all (some form of notation will be given to indicate those which do not occur in East Tennessee). While I have photos for all of the species listed, this site is in the early stages of development and webpages haven't been created for all of the species on the list. I hope to add a few more links each week so keep checking back. Oh, and, yes, they will eventually be in Hodges order.


I have attempted to insure correct identification on all the species listed. If at all possible, I have attempted to confirm IDs with at least two different sources. Where I have some doubt about the accuracy of the ID, I have indicated so in the text for each page. Any species for which I have considerable doubt regarding my ID will be placed on the Unknowns page. This of course does NOT mean that everything has been IDed correctly. In other words, I don't recommend you rely solely upon my identifications. And if you find any misidentified critters, please let me know.


I haven't done a very good job keeping track of the source used for each of the identifications I have made. The majority of moths have been identified using Charles V. Covell, Jr.'s "Field Guide to the Moths of Eastern North America"; James Adams' website, Georgia Lepidoptera, and Larry Line's website, Mostly Moths of Maryland. The Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility's website The Moths of Canada and Lynn Scott's website have also been invaluable. Numerous other folks have given assistance -- too many to mention here -- so I will refer you to the Resources page on this site.