The Unknowns!



Everything has to go in a box. If it's not in a box, I gotta put it in one. That's part of the obsession. "What's that?" "A moth." "What kind of moth?" Even this page has to be organized. It's a sickness.

I'll be adding photos of unknown species to this part of the website. Of course, they will be organized into groups. "Unknown things I think are Noctuids", "Unknown things I think are Geometrids", Unknown things I think are... I don't have a frellin' clue." Some I may have guesses for and am seeking conformation, most I just can't find in the resources I have available (mainly Covell, MONA, and online sites)... doesn't mean they're not there... I just can't find them.

Please help try to ID these guys (so I can stick them in a box). Check back often as more moths are added and, hopefully, identified.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger views.

Unknown Plume Moths Pterophoridae
2 species (1 has been IDed! Woohoo!)

Unknown (suspected) Noctuids Noctuidae
Owlets, Renias and Zanclognathas (8? species)

Unknown (suspected) Geometrids Geometridae
(coming soon)

Unknown Micros

Just plain unknown (a.k.a., "What the heck is that thing?")
(coming soon)

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