Lepidoptera of East Tennessee


The intent of this website is to follow my study of the species of Lepidoptera which occur in East Tennessee. Specifically, I will tend to focus on the moths which occur in our backyard in Knox County, TN, although I plan to include moths and butterflies from other locations as well -- some of which may not even be from East Tennessee, though those will be well documented as such. This site will primarily consist of photographs I have taken of the various species of moths and butterflies. There will be an "Unknown" page with photographs of moths that I haven't been able to identify but which hopefully someone out there can. I hope to maintain a "Moth of the Week" page as a sort of running commentary of what I'm finding.

The species list (updated 13 May 2005)

The unknowns (updated 22 June 2004)

Other resources (updated 27 May 2004)

email: kde AT utk.edu
Updated 26 March 2004.